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Admin Application
ZapthedDate: Friday, 2012-05-04, 9:01 AM | Message # 1
Group: Users
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-In-Game Name (must be exact!): Zapthed_Jadartil

-Previous names (must be exact/Optional): N/A

-Nationality/Main Language: Pilipino / Tagalog

-Age : 13

-Languages: English/Tagalog

-Your Time Zone: +8

-Clan (if you are part of one): N/A

[[ For Following I need Long Answers. ]]

-Have you ever been banned? Nope Since im not breaking any rules,
Just One because Ghost Thought that i was the Attacker

-Why would you like to be Admin?: To Help Other Peoples who need help

-Time playing SA-MP(including but not limited to our server): 7-8 Hours

-How much time are you willing to spend on DS-RP per day?: 4-6 Hours

Have you been an admin on any other SA-MP servers?: No

What can you add to the team and the server? I Can help community problems i can assist

other admins and i can help other admins that need a help.

Special Skills in admin commands?: Well My Skill is Helping newbies to know how to

roleplay/Anwsering there question and ufcourse i can refund players and if they Need a

House i can assist them.

How will you respond to reports? Well first i will read the report then i will tp there to

help fix the problem or sometimes player is /report need for refund so if i have the cmd

/gotoid i can help.

How will you respond to hacker? Well firstly i will use the /spec [Id] Then when i prove it

i will /ban him or if this is a heavy sin i will permanent ban who used hack

If accepted do you realize the inactiveness may get you removed from the team? Yes ufcourse

because if your not active how can you help players so you will be demoted on admin team so

i must be active if ive been sellected as the new admins

Explain the Rules and how will you deal with it Rules:

Firstly Dont Dm[Death match] Since this is a Roleplay server you cant dm you might be Kick/Jailed or if you being crazy dming you will be ban

DM = Is when you killed player NON RPly

MG = Metagaming This is where you mix OOC on ic chat This will cause you Kick So dont do it

IC = This is In character

OOC = This Is Out Of Character

KOS = Killing on sight means you killing all player you will see

RP = This is where you take a role of your character like on real life.

CS = Crack Shoot Not to do this on game when fighting ICly because it will cause you kick because its a bugged that has been use on deagle to kill faster.

QS = Quick Swap is where you Q then E again to reload faster.

QS+CS = You can only use this two on event's

CR = Car Ramming is where you ram player repeatedly until he/she died it will cause you kick/jail

CP = Car Park it where you park your car on your player until he/she die

DDB = Driver Drive By means you are shooting as a driver This will cause you jail/kick

PG = This is Powergaming means 1.Doing something you cant do in real life 2.Forcing someone to rp

/Q to avoid = Dont /q or quit to avoid death/arrest and any thing ICly

Other Details About Yourself:Im Zapthed Z Jadartil From Philipines
address: Manila, Tondo
Im currently a 2nd year high school student
Well since its summer its time to have fun with it
I Decided to join admin team because i can help more peoples here than the Other Servers
MammuDate: Friday, 2012-05-04, 9:41 AM | Message # 2
Group: Owner/Co-Owner
Messages: 66
Reputation: 32767
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Not yet.
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