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Danny's Admin Aplication
danny101Date: Friday, 2012-05-04, 8:37 AM | Message # 1
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-In-Game Name (must be exact!): Danny_Montano

-Previous names (must be exact/Optional): None

-Nationality/Main Language: Filipino/Tagalog

-Age : 16

-Languages: Tagalog

-Your Time Zone: GMT+8

-Clan (if you are part of one): [KMA] Kiss my ass

-Have you ever been banned? Yes .Cause of misunderstanding with Ghost and thanks to James i got unbanned

-Why would you like to be Admin?: Some Admins need help..Im gonna help them in there job like i used to do when i was on the other server's ...Players need Admins but 1 thing for sure is...We are not Taxi

-Time playing SA-MP(including but not limited to our server): 7 hours and Active

-How much time are you willing to spend on DS-RP per day?: 5 hours ..im busy with my personal life..SA:MP is just my little entairteinment

Have you been an admin on any other SA-MP servers?:
Head Admin on R-RP
Junior Admin on CAS

What can you add to the team and the server? I can help admins and teach them (of course the new admins who are new the admin position)

Special Skills in admin commands?: Try to help newbies to RP if they want me and Refund a FREE house and FREE car depends on the server AMD motto

How will you respond to reports?
I will only respond to that report if it is really important not report as such
/report HEy Danny
/report Hey man
well i wont accept it

How will you respond to hacker? I need to /spec them
and this time it depends if the server is strict ..if it is strict then i will /ban them or /banaccount and if the server have mercy on hackers then i can only give /warn and /kick

If accepted do you realize the inactiveness may get you removed from the team?
Yes Admins should be active all the time so we can respond if something IG happens

Explain the Rules and how will you deal with it
Always Obey the OOC Rules well i can explain them but unfortunately you wont trust me cause after looking at
John Marlon's Application he already stated it all..
But 1 thing for sure should ALWAYS...ALWAYS be done.....
Respect the Admins...or else the Admins Get you

Other Details About Yourself: About me? Nah im just a normal guy...feed the dog,read books
Cause im a Student..this June..is...back to school..which is Damn..but its okay...i might have my own business one day..
well thats all me

Message edited by danny101 - Friday, 2012-05-04, 8:45 AM
John_MarlonDate: Friday, 2012-05-04, 8:53 AM | Message # 2
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Well Good Luck Ma Friend

Bestfriend Forever
Bryan Nacapuy
MammuDate: Friday, 2012-05-04, 8:55 AM | Message # 3
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Denied play a bit more i haent seen you alot online
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