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Admin Application
VoInternetDate: Friday, 2012-05-18, 11:06 AM | Message # 1
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In-Game Name: James_Kingpin

-Previous names: Smith_Nike


-Age : 15

-Languages: English/Tagalog

-Your Time Zone: GMT+8

-Clan (if you are part of one): N/A

[[ For Following I need Long Answers. ]]

-Have you ever been banned? No

-Why would you like to be Admin?: To help the people and to gain more experiense.

-Time playing SA-MP: 20 Hours a day

-How much time are you willing to plat DS:RP: 10-16 Hours
Have you been an admin on any other SA-MP servers?:yes in SG:RP and in N:RP

What can you add to the team and the server? Maybe commands and mybe sudgestions

How will you respond to reports? accepted the report, greet them and ask of what did they report

How will you respond to hacker? 1st warning=warn 2nd=kick 3th=tempo ban

If accepted do you realize the inactiveness may get you removed from the team? Yes

Good day my IG is James_Kingpin i was hopping to be an admin in your server to gain more experience and to reac to the report that i would encountered. I beive that im qualified to be an admin in your server because i have experience the admin lvl from junior until server director. Again good day to you and my you accept my application[color=green][b][size=12] biggrin
Explain the Rules and how will you deal with it
Firstly Dont Dm[Death match] Since this is a Roleplay server you cant dm you might be Kick/Jailed or if you being crazy dming you will be ban
[DM] Is when you killed player NON RPly[Dealing with it] Well First i will warn the dmer second if this dmer wont stop i will take action and i will /jail him
[MG] Mg is metagaming This is where you mix OOC on ic chat This will cause you Kick So dont do it[Dealing with it]Well i can ask that player that i can help him with his problem then i will teach him how to rp and prevent to MG
[KOS]Killing on sight means you killing all player you will see[Dealing with it]Well I Can firstly warn him if he wont stop then i will /jail him
[RP]This is where you take a role of your character like on real life.
[CR]Car Ramming and Chicken Running 1.Car Ramming is where you ram player repeatedly until he/she died it will cause you kick/jail 2.Chicken Running means you run zigzag when someone is killing you ICly and Rply it will cause you Kick/Jail[Dealing with it]1.Well i will jail him and tp the player to the safe place to prevent death 2.Well i will tp there tell them to stop i will not /jail the chicken running player i must first know what happen if the killing player is dming well its ok on the Zigzag runner i will jail the Dmer
[CP]Car Park it where you park your car on your player until he/she died[Dealing with it]Well firstly i will jack the car to save the player then when i saved him im taking action about the rule breaker
[DDB]Driver Drive By means you are shooting as a driver This will cause you jail/kick[Dealing with it]Well this thing happen when you have been chased by police or sometimes being chased by bad guys so firstly i will tell them to stop then i will investigate what happen then when i know what happen i will /jail who is the real player that break the rules
[PG]This is Powergaming means 1.Doing something you cant do in real life 2.Forcing someone to rp[Dealing with it]Well In this case you need to help him to teach how to rp and know what his doing you dont need to /kick him because his pg he maybe a new player of samp admins need to help not to disrespect a players
[/Q to avoid]Dont /q or quit to avoid death/arrest and any thing ICly[Dealing with it]Well I seen like this and this will be /jail
KingpinDate: Friday, 2012-05-18, 11:08 AM | Message # 2
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I Support this guy he is not Rule Breakers
For Me He's Accepted
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