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Offical N.O.O.S.E Handbook
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What is NOOSE?
Well the NOOSE is The Natinaol Office Of Security Enforcment. Our Job is to assist the LSMPD ,SFMPD And any other Depertmants in situations that requires
the big GUNS.

Section 1
Soldiers Info.
What your job as the NOOSE is to provide Security to everyone in San Andreas. That means using deadly force or heavy force if needed.
Gun Restrictions.
ALL Noose a permited to carry any firearm of choice! ((Excluding RPG,LAW,TearGas)) Even new recruits are permited to use SPAS12's etc!
Vehicle Restrictions
((Dude to [IMG] Not working ill just give you a liost sad ))
R1's are permitted to use: LVPD Crusier's for main patrol. Also on an special occasion they are permitted to use the FBI Truck for emergency's. Also at points the Commander will issue patrol's in groups. So meaning if I say grab a squad of three and load up in a Rancher then you are permitted to do SUCH!
R3+: You are permitted to use any type of vehicle's. BUT the S.W.A.T Tank(Mr.Splashy.) And the SeaSparrow(Only used for R5+ Unless told so by superriors)
R5+: You are permitted to use any type of vehicle and helicopter. Tho the SeaSparrow will not be used for regular patrol. Tho the RIOT Control tank can be used but there is a strict no hosing people rule.(Unless you have a valid and RP Reason!).

All ranks will and shall use the SWAT team uniform. No one unless told so by a R4+ Shall use the ARMY uniform!
Force Level.
Dude to the N.O.O.S.E being a public SWAT team. Our force usage is like this!
Force 1: Suspect is not doing anything. But he is showing signs of criminal activity. Reaction: Tell the suspect to leave but after three warnings are given and he dosent leave you are permitted to taze and book the suspect for Failure to comply.
Force 2: If suspect is showing signs of possesion of illegal firearms you are permitted to tell the Suspect holster that firearm. But after 5 Seconds of no comply. You are permitted to TAZE the suspect(Note: if the suspect is discharging the firearm you HAVE TO AND WILL KILL HIM!))
Force 3: If the suspect is either fleeing after discharging a firearm. You will taze the suspect if his back is towards YOU.
Force 4: Suspect is shooting at LEOS or Civilians and you are orderd to KILL the suspect.

The Suspects Rights!

Chain of Command.
Ex: R1 is to listen to R2+. R2 is to listen to R3+ etc etc! If you dont listen to your supperior's youll recive a strike(be explained later) But! if a R3 says dont and a R4 says do it You do as the R4 says! (R=Rank)
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