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Part 2 [Hitman App.]
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What qualities make you stand out?:
I am like a snake, I can move to cover real fast without being detected. I hunt my prey and when I get close to them I sting ((Catch them)). I am an outstanding shooter I can take any enemy down If I am equipped right. I am an amazing swimmer recently I have won an ribbon for my outstanding swimming skills.And I am just a good person all around I have special skills that many other people Do not have. Like when I see an criminal I act fast I don't stand there and wait for some one else to do something I tell them hands up right then so they can be caught and it won't end up as an foot pursuit. And for my Driving skills they are defintley amazing I mean like I can recover from anything an criminal tries to throw at me. I am perfect at pitting an criminal and i am perfect act doing many other things such as Flying Helicopters to. I am an all out person when it comes to doing any type of job. I go to the Place and I get the Job done. Those are what makes me stand out from everyone else in San andreas as you can see.

List a few skills, hobbies, and characteristics that apply to you:
I am an extraordinary Driver. I am an amazing Pilot in the Skies. And If needed to I am an Amazing boat driver. And I never really lose a gun fight unless there is like four people shooting at me but one to one I am an beast shooter and I can recover real fast from anything. And I am really strong, People has an hard time trying to resist from me arresting them. And even if they do I always have backup or someone inbound to Help me take him inside of my crusier.

List all your high school, college, and/or university education as well as the date that you graduated:
I went to San Fierro elementary, Los Santos Elementary, Los Santos Middle and High, and I went to Los Santos University.

List your current employment and all past employment:
Trucker, Detective, Mechanic

Are you currently a citizen of the United States? If so, how long have you been a citizen?:
Yes I am an citizen I been one for like 11 years.

If given the chance to choose your division, which one would you pick and why?:
I would pick CID, Because I feel like I can stop most of the reported crimes that happen if I am in that division. I mean like I could make a Difference in the community if I do. I can bust people Selling illegal weapons and Bust people that are selling drugs on our street. I mean it is the most important way crimes happen man. And I could stop it if I had an chance to stop it.

Are you currently working in Law Enforcement Agency? If so, name your Law Enforcement History:
Government - R5 , FBI - R4

Have you ever been affiliated with a criminal organization? If so, list your entire criminal organization history:
No I have not ever been affiliated with any such activity.

Do you confirm that all information has been filled out as accurately and completely as possible?:
Yes I do confirm.

(( Out Of Character Information ))

First Name: Bryan
Age: 13
Country: Philipines
GMT: +8
Playing Hours: 27
Previous names or alternate characters:
I have none.

BestFriend for Ever!
John Marlon
Forum » Faction(S) Section ! » Tierra Robada (Terrorists) » Part 2 [Hitman App.] (Application)
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