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Can i apply Hitman Agency here? [HA Application]
JamalDate: Tuesday, 2012-05-15, 11:28 AM | Message # 1
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Hitman Agency Application

(( In-Character Information ))

General Information

Last Name: Obama
First Name: Barack
Middle Name: *
Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY): 12/31/1989
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Birth Place: San Fierro Hospital
Nationality: Black
Street Address: Palomino avenue.
City: San Fierro
State: San Andreas
Contact Number: 6561
E-Mail Address: bryan_nacapuy@yahoo.com and jamal.rodriguez15@yahoo.com

Detailed Information

Personal Biography:
I was born in the Doherty area of San Fierro to a Russian mother and an Italian Father – Mariya Novikova and Mike Obama respectively (hence my mixed name and family name). We had a small apartment, and from what I can remember my family was not rich because of the bad-quality furniture and items I saw around my house. When I turned 5 and was supposed to go to school, my family didn’t have enough money and we couldn’t afford it, therefore I had to be homeschooled, but that did not go well since my parents didn’t really care about providing me with the necessary education.

The turning point in my life came shortly after I turned 10, in the spring of 2003. One morning I woke up to find that my dad was gone from the house. At first I thought he went out to the city for his own things, but my mother and I knew something was wrong after he hasn’t appeared at home for two days straight. We searched all over the apartment for any clues as to where he might have gone, and finally we found a note that he left under his bed which said “Left to LS. I am tired of living in this sh*thole. Don’t try finding me. –FR.” Shocked by his words, my mother and I did not know what we should do – should we carry on living like we are now, or move to Los Santos in hope of finding him again. In a few weeks’ time we decided on the latter option, and moved to Los Santos.

For the first couple of months we lived by my mother’s distant relative who was kind enough to let us stay at her house. By that time I was already wondering about my future, and what I can do to improve it. My final decision was to start earning money myself and stop being dependent on my parents, which I also saw as a start to adult life, individuality and responsibility. I became a delivery boy and was delivering supplies to various enterprises in Los Santos. My first vehicle I could afford was an FCR-900 which allowed me to do my job much quicker, and therefore earn money quicker as well. My mother wasn’t against that, and I felt that my life was slowly but surely going uphill.

Two months ago, I accomplished my dream of buying a Premier. I was so excited and was so happy to be able to afford an car like that. So one day I was beside ganton going to buy some guns and I saw some FBI agents doing a sting operation. I was like so excited seeing this happen, I never such seen a thing like that before in my life. It was so cool I mean like my adrenaline was rushing and I wanted to help so bad but I really could not help or do a thing but watch. So later on an FBI agent so me look and said "Sir, Leave the area now". I left quick and swift as possible to avoid getting arrested. So when I went home later on that night it clicked in my head, I said to my self " Why won't I just become and Federal Bureau of Investigation Agent I mean like I had all the requirements and stuff. So I went to the LSPD and I asked an Officer "How do i get to the Hitman hq from here" he gave me where is the "Hitman HQ" it's near in the Ammunation. So know I am writing this application and life is going well but not good yet.

BestFriend for Ever!
John Marlon

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SmxeDate: Wednesday, 2012-05-16, 1:10 AM | Message # 2
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Wow... Worst.. Yku just gave your name away. And you gave your family stuff away.!!!!! Hitmen are invited not selected by apps!!!!
Forum » Faction(S) Section ! » Tierra Robada (Terrorists) » Can i apply Hitman Agency here? [HA Application] (Hitman Application)
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