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Tau Gamma Blindz
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Gang Name:Tau gamma Blindz (T.G.B.)
Gang Leader:Xian_Wung
Co-leaders (maximum of 2, optional):(My friends will create thier character, they will be my co-leaders)
Background story of the gang (minimum of 600 words):
Guns, drugs, money, that's what you will see in Tau Gamma Blindz. Tau Gamma Blindz is composed of ex-Ballas gangsters who wants to build up relationships with the Ballas. Tau Gamma Blindz started from a man named Xian Wung, an ex-Yakuza member before. In California, he was one of the respected gangster in Yakuza, he eventually quit because his brother ,Lin Wung, died of heart attack at the age of 32. His brother had a promise that when he dies, Xian must create build up his own gang because he wants to see his brother becoming powerful. When Xian attempts to go to his brothers grave, he saw two people with purple colored jackets, mourning at his brother's grave. He met these two guys named Dre and L.T. He knew that they were from the Ballas territory, but he knew that they were evicted from the family because of stealing, and the Ballas have orders to kill them. So to save thier lives, they started a small gang in a infamous street called Tau Gamma. They recruited several members who were in the Ballas before, after three weeks, from three little gangsters turns out to be thirty gangsters. The force with them grow upon. One day, as they are going to get some wed at Dre's backyard, he noticed more than forty people at his backyard, wearing violet jackets, with red band on thier right arm. They were the Ballas' who will kill the ex-Ballas for destroying thier rules in thier society. About 28 of Xian's gangsters died, but luckily, Dre has a car at his garage, and they drive away from his home. Scared of getting ambushed by the Ballas, they drive to the airport, bringing nothing but his friend, Dre. His ticket was lost, and other locations, especially China, was cancelled due to some maintenance from the Airport services. But, the only available flight is, Los Santos. They bought the ticket, grabbing the things that they've got from Dre's car, and flies away. Xian says that he will create a gang that can blind Ballas and attack them back, revenging for thier lost homies. So he named the new gang as, Tau Gamma Blindz.

Do you have at least $1,000,000 in your bank:Yes

Unique rank list:
Rank 6:Bad Boy Leader
Rank 5:Bad Boy ShotCaller
Rank 4:Bad Boy Hustla'
Rank 3:Bad Boy Killa'
Rank 2:Bad Boy
Rank 1:Hangout Boy

Starting members (minimum of 5):
1.)Xian Wung ((I am still inviting my friends to come to this server))
2.)((Friend - Still inviting))
3.)((Friend - Still inviting))
4.)((Friend - Still inviting))
5.)((Friend - Still inviting))

Rank 6 skin:296
Rank 5 skin:102
Rank 4 skin:103
Rank 3 skin:103
Rank 2 skin:104
Rank 1 skin:223
Girl skin:13 and 195

Cars: ( 3 cars for non-donator, max car's for donator)
Lowriders: -Voodoo
HQ:((I will tell you in the Game OOC'ly))

Donated for Gang Slot Priority:Nope

Level of the leader:3
Past gang/family experience:Yes
Why you should be given a gang:To make the server more exciting and fun. We can make the city more dangerous if possible.
Have you fully read the rules and regulations of gangs?:Yes

Level of the Co-leader(s) (If there is):Not yet
Past gang/family experience:
Why your gang application should be accepted:
Have you fully read the rules and regulations of gangs?:

Level of your R5 (At least one):Not Yet ((My friend still making his acc.))
Past gang/family experience:
Why your gang application should be accepted:
Have you fully read the rules and regulations of gangs?:

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Pending , I want to see your Rping ig.
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