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Admin application
joe123Date: Sunday, 2012-05-06, 10:42 PM | Message # 1
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In-Game Name (must be exact!): Joe_Smith
-Nationality/Main Language:English

-Age : 17

-Languages: English

-Your Time Zone: +9

-Have you ever been banned? I didnt get banned never.

-Why would you like to be Admin?:I was admins on 5 servers im really experienced and i love when im helping to the players.

-Time playing SA-MP(including but not limited to our server): i can play on server 5 hours.

-How much time are you willing to spend on DS-RP per day?: 4-5 hours.

Have you been an admin on any other SA-MP servers?: Yeah but i was always 9999 1337 and 1338.

What can you add to the team and the server? I can help to the server so much and i will protect server from hackers.

Special Skills in admin commands?: im really experienced i know all cmds for all admin lvls so i can fix all problems on the server.

How will you respond to reports? First i will read that report if he use /report joe i have to denie that report but if he use /report id 9 dming i have to accept that report.

How will you respond to hacker? Well first i have to read someone report if i dont trust him i need to use /spec and his id then if its true i will /ban him.

If accepted do you realize the inactiveness may get you removed from the team? Yeah if im inactive i will get removed from admin team.
Explain the Rules and how will you deal with it
Firstly Dont Dm[Death match] Dont dm because this is rp server if you dming you will get jailed but if you dm again you can get ban.
[DM] Is Death Match. When one player killing other players non rp then i can /jail him.
[MG] Mixing Ic and OOC chat i can jail man who doing MG.
[KOS]Killing on a Sight. It means someone killing all players when he see them. If i want stop him i need use /jail.
[RP]Roleplay. Acting like in a real life.
[CR]Car Ramming and Chicken Running. I can jail player who Car Ramming and Chicken Running.
[CP]Car Park it on player when he/she die i will /jail him.
[DDB]Driver Drive By means you are shooting as a driver.
[PG]This is Powergaming means 1.Doing something you cant do in real life 2.Forcing someone to rp.
[/Q to avoid]Dont /q if cops arresting you because when you log on admins can /jail you.
MammuDate: Monday, 2012-05-07, 7:24 AM | Message # 2
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Admin rec is closed.
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