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Crespley's Admin Application
DaturaufDate: Sunday, 2012-05-13, 3:22 PM | Message # 1
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In-Game Name (must be exact!): Crepsley_Jackson
-Nationality/Main Language: English / Tagalog

-Age : 19

-Languages: English / Tagalog

-Your Time Zone: +8

-Have you ever been banned? I am new to this server, i find it nice. So i have never been banned here before and never will.

-Why would you like to be Admin?: I am from a HIGH RP server (LSRP) and i find the server needing of a true admin who will take a look at the players carefully, cause i see some admin who actually do the commands for fun such as giving themselves JETPACK and roaming around when they actually need to watch of the players actions, when i first played at the server, i were DMed and there 3 admins online in a 20 players server and the culprit was never been punished. So i wanna change that.

-Time playing SA-MP(including but not limited to our server): Well i can play 4-5 hours, after that i get dizzy and i need to rest my poor eyes.

-How much time are you willing to spend on DS-RP per day?: 4-5 hours, Like i said.

Have you been an admin on any other SA-MP servers?: Yea, MC-RP Extreme-Reality roleplay - i were 1337.

What can you add to the team and the server? Well, i can take a good look of the players to make the server balance. Breaking the rules would be hard for me if i am watching, trust me. I want the server to be fair so i am offering my selves to the players.

Special Skills in admin commands: Well, i have been an admin in a few servers so, pretty much i know how the admin commands works. that some are exploiting and abusing. I'm approachable and i always love to help especially for those who really needs it.

How will you respond to reports? First, i'll accept using /accept report. Then i'll whisper him about the problem so he can just /reply to talk to me.

How will you respond to hacker? NO HACKER IS ALLOWED, BAN HIM/HER IMMEDIATELY.

If accepted do you realize the inactiveness may get you removed from the team? Yes, i do realize that.

Explain the Rules and how will you deal with it : Well, obviously I'm from a HIGH RP server, and i know some of the rules that usually some players dont know, and i can handle some situations that are hard to deal with.

Other Details About Yourself: Well, first off. i love to help the server to grow more, did i mention that i love to RP? well, i love to RP with others, and i wanna help those who cant. I'm approachable, if you need help. i would gladly to help you. But you diss me, then i will unleash hell on you.

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James™Date: Monday, 2012-05-14, 0:55 AM | Message # 2
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Not Supported Please do more effort To you Application

I will not close it Just edit it



Forum » Forums of DS-RP » Administrator Roster ( Being updated in anysec ) » Crespley's Admin Application (Administrative Application)
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