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N.O.O.S.E Arrest Procedure's.
SmxeDate: Friday, 2012-05-11, 10:51 AM | Message # 1
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Now here are some scenarios and these are how to arrest them.
#1 Suspect is running from a leo after being pulled over.
You shall tell him to stop or lethal force will be used ONCE and then if he dosnet stop after 5 seconds you are permitted to taze.
#2 Suspect is displaying his firearm.
You tell the suspect to put it away and unholster your firearm. If he shoots once you are order to Kill. If suspect dosent put it away hes a threat to you and others and he will be killed..
#3 Suspect isnt pulling over after three warnings.
If you have another patrner that person is permitted to take out the suspects tires. After the suspect exits the vehicle youll proceed to TAZING him.
#4 You see another LEO being shot at.
YOU STOP EVERYTHING and assist that LEO. LETHAL FORCE is requried.
#5 Just Driving your Rancher etc and some asshole starts shooting (Screen or FRAPS It) And report to an Admin or post a forum complaint.))
Now Assuming the suspect is now in cuffs/tazed youll do this.
(if he has his hands up /handsup) then you do /me Reaches in his back pocket and grabs a pair of black cuffs and begins to Cuff the suspect /do s/f.
If hes tazed you can cuff without /me Reaches in his back pocket and grabs a pair of black cuffs and begins to Cuff the suspect. or you may if you choose.
Suspect is now cuffed you read him his rights!
Alright sir You have the rights to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law.
You have the rights to an attoreny if you cannot provide one the State will give you one. Do you understand?
(if hes playing stupid and says No then answer him if he keeps saying stupid reasons its an auto YES!)
Suspect is no cuffed and his rights are read to him. You may now frisk the suspect. /me Attempts to frisk the suspect. /do s/f.
THen if he has over 1 Crack and 10 Pot you take them ((/take)) If he has anything other than a PUMP ACTION Shotgun and a 9mm you have to take them((/take)).
Now hes clear detain him. (/detain id 2-3 (DONT DO 1!!!!)
/me Drags the suspect into the back of his cop car. /do Anything stopping me?
Now hes in the cop car drive him back to N.O.O.S.E HQ! Now ask the man for his name(At the end all the /do Fail or No question will be answerd)
You: What is your name Suspect: John Doe. You: Alright(/me Logs into the MDC Username NOOSE101 Pass: ********** /me Searching ...... /me *Ding* Found!
/me Types the mans charges. /su id Reason.))
Now once that is done you arrest him /arrest always put 1 for bail price and dont let them bail. Put 0 for if you want them to postbail!!

NOW! If the suspect answers /do F. Heres example
You:/me Attempts to frisk the man
/do s/f
Suspect: /do F
You: /do Why?
Suspect: /do I begin to squarm around and fall on the ground.
You: /s HEY STOP MOVING NOW!(If he dont stop RPLY!) /me Grabs the heel of his boot and stompts it into the suspects chest.(That will stop him XDXDXD!)
You: /me attempts to detain the suspect
/do s/f
Suspect: /do Fail
You: /do Why?
Suspect: /do Because i run away
You: /do Invalid Response Your cuffed and in my hands Auto S!

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