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Will's Mercs
WillDate: Tuesday, 2012-05-08, 9:43 PM | Message # 1
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Gang Name: The Mercenaries
Gang Leader: William_Steele
Co-leaders (maximum of 2, optional): Steven_Polo, Jim_Polly
Background story of the gang (minimum of 600 words): Our name was The Black Forest Corps. Perhaps you've heard of us? We were a governmental operation unit. We originated during world war II, during the Allied attacks on Axis, we supplied info and did recons. Then during the Afgan war, we helped give America the upper hand. During the Iraq war, we were in charge of capturing Sadam. After months of Skirmishes which we mostly won, Sadam was finally caught.After the worst of the war, America no longer needed our services. We decided to try other locations. We went to Russia to see if they needed any of our services but we found that they already had a surplus of our kind of association. Then we decided to roam the world searching for work. Once, we went to England, seeking to join the Queen's Men but were turned down because of our poor reputation which we gained during the Iraq war. On our way to the airport to try another country, we were ambushed by a group of terrorists who wanted revenge for Sadam. Many died. More than 90% lay dying or dead. We managed to flee England with only We came to Los Santos as civilians and not soldiers. Here we worked as others. Honest work. A long time passed after this. 15 years. Life was boring. Wake up, work, food, drink, sleep. Over and over and over. One day, I woke up and I realized that the life I was living was pointless. I started looking for interesting prospects. I got involved in the gang wars and the drug smuggling. I did time in jail for Possession. Many men I killed, but then again I had already killed my share during the wars. Old memories haunted me. Ghosts of my fellow comrades who were cut down during the wars or in England. They never left me, claiming that I was a coward for deserting our way of life. They accused me of dishonoring their name and throwing their sacrifice away. I decided to put together the black forest corps. But this time, we will work as a non governmental group. We work for the highest bidder. You call us, say how many men you need, say where you need them, say when you need them, say what weapons you need with them. I tell you the price, you pay. We meet up, make plans and assault the enemy, or at least your enemy. We dont fail. Never. And if we do, you get a full refund. We started out in a small Hq, but as times got worse and more wars broke out between the gangs, we made a good living and soon went back to a huge base and good equipment. We aren't in it for the cash, just for the pleasure and honor of fighting. We might be the most ruthless, badass thugs on the streets, but we have our honor and pride and that we value over all else. Soon though, we started loosing reputation and became disliked. We kept to ourselves and waited for the day that war will break out again and our services will be required. Soon the world forgot about us. Noone remembered the Valient Mercenaries who won many a battle. Noone remembered the skulls on our flags. They forgot us, yes they did. Forgot our honor and pride. But soon, the wars will break out again. Soon the gangs will tear at each other again. Peace can never last forever. We will be back. Stronger than ever and with the best equipment money can buy. And that day is today.
Do you have at least $1,000,000 in your bank: Yeh

Unique rank list:
Rank 6: William_Steele
Rank 5: Jim_Polly And Steven_Polo
Rank 4:
Rank 3:
Rank 2:
Rank 1:

Starting members (minimum of 5):
1.) William_Steele
2.) Jim_Polly
3.) Steven_Polo

Rank 6 skin: Ill choose these later if you accept us
Rank 5 skin:
Rank 4 skin:
Rank 3 skin:
Rank 2 skin:
Rank 1 skin:
Girl skin:

Cars: ( 3 cars for non-donator, max car's for donator) Ill choose these later if you accept us

HQ: I would prefer the army base in Lv. If you could teleport that base to LS somewhere.

Level of the leader: 3
Past gang/family experience: None (in other servers yes)
Why you should be given a gang: Bec i wanna help the server grow and i think i can attract lots of ppl with this group
Have you fully read the rules and regulations of gangs?: Of course smile

Level of the Co-leader(s) (If there is): 3each
Past gang/family experience: Yes in other servers
Why your gang application should be accepted:
Have you fully read the rules and regulations of gangs?: Yes

Level of your R5 (At least one): 3
Past gang/family experience: On other servers
Why your gang application should be accepted:
Have you fully read the rules and regulations of gangs?:Yes

William Steele
Future leader of:

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MadaraDate: Wednesday, 2012-05-09, 2:58 AM | Message # 2
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